What Does Your Cat Mean? Common Cat Body Language

You might have researched the best pet food, the right window hammocks, and toys for your new kitty. The problem you might not be prepared for is the entirely new communication style you must learn regarding a feline’s body language. Yep, you are about to become fluent in a totally new language, and it will be critical you master it.

Knowing which signals your cat might give for health issues, engagement concerns, and even related to their litter box will be important to help support your new fur baby. Of course, each cat is slightly different, and you will find nuances to what their specific body behaviors mean, but for the most part, here are a few common ones to look out for with Fluffy.

Cat Ears

When a dog is happy and content, often their ears will go back flat, and they will be relaxed and happy. When a cat’s ears are back, though, be warned they are agitated, angry, or ready to pounce on something. Cat’s ears perked up, and pointy means they are alert and happy in their surroundings. Those antennas on the top of their head can radiate their feelings well if you are paying attention.

Sniffing Your Face

Cat’s learn a lot through the power of smell. The familiar scents in their environment, those that are foreign, and even scents that are offputting come through this vital organ. If they are sniffing at you, it is probably to learn your smell and, from time to time, confirm you are a friend and not a foe in their home environment.

Cat’s Meow

A cat’s meow is a great communication tool for them, and one you will learn is specific to each cat. Much like a newborn baby who you quickly learn which cries mean hunger, they want to be comforted or maybe a dirty diaper – cat’s meows will differentiate based on their needs. Learning their language and delivering on the meow request builds trust and bonding with your kitty.

Bathroom Behaviors

Yep, the location of where your cat relieves themselves is a huge red sign of trouble. If you have a litter box and a feline that is trained to use it suddenly starts peeing in other areas of your home, take heed. Sometimes a scented litter, a change in a box style, or location can set a feline on these bad behaviors. Additionally, cats are fastidious creatures, so a dirty litter box can also cause Fluffy to act out in such a manner.


If your feline is rolling around,

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Title: What Does Your Cat Mean? Common Cat Body Language
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