CBD doesn’t just benefit humans, animals can reap its benefits to CBD oil is a safe gentle and nutritive supplement, supporting healthy aging joint mobility, ease of travel, anxiety, healthy digestion, and much more. All animals have an endocannabinoid system CBD can support your pets in the following ways.

Relaxation pets suffering from anxiety or fear, often engage in destructive behaviors that harm both possessions, and your sanity CBD can help balance anxious tendencies to help them relax.

Pain arthritis and inflammation, it’s often difficult to know when your pet is in pain pets can develop arthritis, inflammation and other ailments, leaving them with little energy and or decreased mood and appetite CBD offers highly effective support to pets in pain or feeling ill curving aggressive behavior in dogs, a sweet little puppy can turn into a fierce animal quickly and without explanation CBD can help curb aggression, providing a calming effect to overly enthusiastic pets appetite and nausea.

International Studies have shown CBD can address appetite issues in pets, like nausea and digestive tract problems. How much CBD Should I give him pure CBD is zero THC, so there is no threat of your pets overdosing pets can’t tell us how they’re feeling.



So start with a low dose in your pet and observe. We recommend point 05 milligrams of CBD and multiplying that by your pets weight in kilograms to find the proper dosage, it is always better to start low, your pet might get drowsy with dosages over one milligram of CBD per kilogram per day.

CBD for pets CBD infused pet treats are the easiest way to incorporate CBD into your animal’s diet. You can also use CBD tincture dropped in pet food on a tree or directly in the mouth of your pet. Both are great options in supporting your pet’s health.


CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats, Pets 

What are the Benefits?

Treating Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Seizures.


We all care about our pets. Some of us even care more about our pets health than our own health. The reality is, we really want to make sure that they live a pain free life and want to make sure they live for a long time.

So, in this article I want to talk about some interesting ways that CBD is starting to help out the life of our furry friends.
So I want to start off with one particular study. This study was published in July, 2018 in a journal known as the frontiers of veterinary science.

Now, what this study was looking at was overall the effect of CBD oil versus placebo for pain management.
Well, the results ended up being pretty darn interesting.

You see, what they found was utilizing what’s called the Hudson activity score. They found that the dogs that ended up taking CBD ended up having much less overall pain, and much more activity, and ultimately more mobility as well.


Now, the Hudson activity score is just a way that we can gauge. Basically how a pet is feeling and their pain management based on questions that the owner is presented with so sure it’s somewhat subjective but when the responses are as Stark, as they are with this study, we know it’s really worth it.

You see they saw that 80% of the dogs that were in the study had decreases in pain, and increases mobility, 80%, that is pretty darn astounding. Now here’s the best part, no side effects whatsoever.

Normally when a dog goes on some kind of anti inflammatory or pain management drugs, they end up having side effects, it’s hard on their liver it’s hard on their kidneys and all kinds of things that they have to be careful of the CBD is seemingly a pretty harmless way to get a good quality of life back. Now how does this work.

The thing is, is dogs have the same CD one and CB two receptors in their bodies that we have in ours and simply put, what that means is that when they take in CBD, their bodies, end up producing more of the natural Endocannabinoid.

So when humans take CBD, we produce more of these naturally occurring endocannabinoids that help us feel better they elicit bliss, they make us feel calm, but they also affect our inflammatory signals inflammatory markers in the body, making so that we have less pain. Same thing happens with dogs.



Dogs have inflammation, and that inflammation can lead to joint pain that inflammation can lead to disease. So the cool thing is is that these endocannabinoids like nandana bind their produce when we have CBD coming in, actually stopped some of the production of things like tumor necrosis factor one alpha and nuclear factor Kappa b.

So makes it so that we started modeling inflammation better without having to take a bunch of anti inflammatory, but also target inflammation more at its chronic core, not just for pain, but at the cellular level to.

Now we can take it one step further because there are some studies that started looking at the effects of CBD on seizures in dogs. Now, some of this is a little bit inconclusive so I want to go ahead and cut right to the chase. The fact is is seizures are complicated.

We don’t know a lot of what happens with the seizure in the human body, or in an animal body. It’s just complicated but what we do know is it’s some kind of disruption of the electrical system, and we have concluded that there is some correlation with what is called a voltage gated sodium channel in this voltage gated sodium channels are channels that allow an action potential like the potential to move and the potential for energy or potential for electrical current from the brain to actually get somewhere.



So it’s really important, but if we don’t have a system that’s properly functioning like with our 1.1 system which is essentially the sodium gated channel that transfers that energy. That’s when we have issues that’s when seizures can occur.

Basically we have random surges of action potential and random surges of energy that should or shouldn’t be there at a specific time. Well dogs have this to CBD has been shown to inhibit the nav 1.1 nap 1.1, meaning less instance for seizures to potentially occur.

Now, it’s so complicated because we don’t really know how it’s working. We can only hypothesize but the fact is, we are seeing improvement in dogs and seizures. So it’s simple.

I mean it’s really a no brainer when it comes down to it. Can we question things that we put in our bodies because there’s so many bodies of research, but when it comes down to our animals. A lot of times we just throw it aside. We don’t even think about it, but the research is there, the research that shows that dogs and cats can start feeling better, if they utilize CBD in an efficient way is a heck of a lot cheaper than being dependent on pharmaceuticals for your poor furry friend all the time.

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