Things You Need for Your Dog on a Road Trip

With the summer almost here, more people are going to be looking to hit the road and head off on holiday. Everybody loves a road trip and this is a great way for you to bring your furry friend with you. You can explore new cities together, as well as venture off the beaten path and go trail exploring.


When you are going on a road trip with your dog, you are going to have a lot of things you need to pack. Since you are planning the whole holiday, it is easy to forget to bring the essentials. You may not be near any stores to purchase items along the way. So, here are some things you need to bring for your pup.

Food and Water

Let’s start with the easy ones; your dog’s food and some fresh water. You are going to want to bring enough portions of food for the trip, as well as their bowls to eat from. It is best to choose the same food that your dog normally eats. Switching their diet all of a sudden can cause stomach problems, which is the last thing you want on a road trip. In addition, bring some big bottles of still water. Since it is going to be the summer, it will be hot and your canine needs to stay hydrated.

Anxiety Supplements

Dogs are animals that like routine and they feel most comfortable when they know what they are doing. They can feel nervous and anxious when they are somewhere new, as well as traveling in the car. If your canine suffers from stress, it may be time to try some anxiety supplements. They can have a calming effect and allow your dog to low their energy levels again. If you are interested in offering something to your dog, Peak Pets sell a calming supplement.

Secure Collars with ID Tags

You are going to be exploring new places that you and your dog have never been to before. This can cause a lot of excitement for both of you. But, the last thing you want is your dog to wander off and get lost. So, ensure that you bring some secure collars for your dog to wear. you also want to make sure that they all have ID tags on them. They should have all of your current details on them, including your address and phone number.

Even if your canine is used to being off leash, always be cautious in new places. You can bring an extendable lead to give your furry friend some freedom, as well as to ensure that they are in your sight. This is going to allow them to explore and you can relax during your adventure.

Comfortable Bed and Blankets

When you are driving, your dog is going to want to have a nap. This means that you want to create somewhere comfortable for your canine to rest for the next big adventure. You should bring a bed for them so that they can curl up and get comfy. In addition, it can be beneficial to bring blankets that smell of home. This can be calming and relaxing for your pooch and offer them some familiarity when they are away from their normal environment. This can be exactly what they need

Dog Seat Belt

If you are keeping

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