The Cat Who Couldn’t Cat #MyUnspokenPet


It was 118 degrees in Phoenix on the late August day I met Crazy. I was watering the dusty remains of my vegetable garden when UPS drove by and yelled over the wall, “There’s a weird cat on your porch!”

Hmmm. A “weird cat” could mean a lot of things, so I just waved at our driver, as if acknowledging a weird cat on my porch is a regular occurrence.

I checked our security cameras and sure enough, there was a cat lying on our welcome mat, mouth open as she panted from the heat. The mackerel tabby, perhaps around 3 months old, looked up at me with her wide green eyes.

She was very overheated, and had burned paw pads from meandering through the neighborhood on pavement that was well over 160 degrees. She hadn’t moved when UPS dropped a giant box near her, didn’t move when he knocked loudly on the door and rang the doorbell.

Watching the scene between her and UPS unfold on video, I contemplated how I could get her indoors or if I even should. Most of the cats who enjoy a cold drink of water or meal in our yard are pretty feral and only come by late at night, long after the streets have cooled down a bit, and the majority of humans have retired. This cat was ridiculously oblivious to the hot sun, long days, and dangers that await her in the open. It was clear that she didn’t know much about “catting” in our environment.

She spent the first day in the room on her best behavior, taking everything in with her wide eyes. I now realize now what a struggle that good behavior must have been for her. I snapped a photo of her and left her to rest in the quiet room with food and water, determined to unravel the mystery and find her home.

Imagining Her Back Story: #MyUnspokenPet

I often wonder what would have happened if I had known her back rescue story. What if we knew our pet’s rescue story before we adopted?

Share your pet’s story using the hashtag: #MyUnspokenPet on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

When CUDDLY asked to imagine our pets’ rescue stories in the #MyUnspokenPet campaign, I knew it was Crazy’s story that I wanted to imagine.

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