How Are Live Fish Shipped?

Aquaculturists often have the challenge of transporting their livestock from one location to another. But that is not to say that they have been handicapped by this challenge because they have developed systems of doing so successfully.

Those who have large shipments of the same species of fish use hauling trucks and tanks for short distances. But when they have large shipments that need to be transported across borders, they use air freight. Similarly, for long distance shipments that are not large, shipping inboxes is the best available option that they have.

The above does not only apply to fish for food but also to ornamental ones. Many ornamental fish traders use air freight to transport their ware in boxes. With the kind of air transport system that we have these days, one can move these aquaculture products live from one place to the other safely (with minimal DOA cases).

In this article, we would focus mainly on how to transport ornamental fish. We know that you may not be interested in the process but just want to get your pet without stress. If so, you can get more information here: (Buy tropical fish online – Splashy Fish Store) and a few other sources.

Transporting Ornamental Fish

Maybe you deal in the trade of this kind of pet and you want to expand beyond your locality there are important information that you must have. These include the following:

How to get the proper supplies.How to prepare the consignment for movement.How to arrange them correctly in their box.Knowing the best and fastest mode of shipment and arrangement for pick up.

Following the process strictly would ensure that a high percentage of your product would arrive hale and hearty.

How To Get The Proper Supplies

The following are the steps to take in gathering the right supplies for your endeavour:

Ensure that you get the right types of boxes and bags. There are products that are designed specifically for transporting fish.Choose the right design and size (thickness). The shipping vessel should consist of an exterior box made of strong cardboard with an inner one made of Styrofoam. The Styrofoam box must fit perfectly inside the outer box. This container must have bottoms that would stay flat when filled and should be around 4 mils thick or even more.It is recommended that you put each fish in an individual bag especially if you are a beginner. So ensure that the bag is at least 3 times bigger than the average length of the breed that you are transporting.After that get a box that would contain the number of bags

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