Helpusfish to Find Out the Best Pond-Mates for your Koi

Before putting fishes in your koi pond it’s essential to know which fishes are perfect for a koi to live with. The primary factor to be considered is habitat. For example- a colder pond is not a better option for tropical fish.

On the same token, sunfish, perch, catfish and minnows are an ideal option to pair your koi with. In Japan, the meaning of Koi is good fortune. Moreover, it symbolizes good luck and represents courage.

There are over 100 varieties of koi that are red, yellow, green, white, black and any combinations thereof. Koi and goldfish are both types of carp and they are found together in aquariums and ponds. They both are distantly related and are most compatible with all of the available options.

Similarities and dissimilarities between koi and goldfish-

They both look similar and eat the same things. As they are from the same hereditary line, they both are excellent pond or tank mates. Have a look at some of the reasons why they are an excellent pond mix.

Both of them requires low maintenanceTheir requirements of water and ecosystem are the same.They both are passive fishes so their food sources are also the same.

On the same token, they have 7 key differences that you must know-

They look similar but they are 2 different species.Unlike goldfish, koi have barbels on their lips.Goldfish have fancy features, which are absent in koi. For example, bubble eyes, telescope eyes, short round body and a lot more.The lifespan of koi is larger than goldfish.Adult koi is larger than the goldfish.Unlike koi, goldfish have a signature double tail.The body of koi is longer than a goldfish.

Why my koi stay at the bottom of the Pond?

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