Heated and Unheated Outdoor Kitty House – Review

K&H Outdoor Kitty House (Heated and Unheated)

Complete Review – Heated and Unheated Outdoor Kitty 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Half the flooring is heated up by a mall Animal Heated Pad so the pet cat can choose to be on or off the heat. Usage in a barn shed, porch, garage, under a deck or anywhere severe temperatures exist. The heated variation includes MET safety provided warmed pad.

Comfortably heated house: is the best home for several cats as well as outside cats.
Keep all cats of any sizes and shape comfy and cozy in this easy-to-assemble, winter-proof, insulted cat shelter.

Cable Length: 5.5 feet.

The included 20 Watt: fulfilled security listed luxurious heated pet bed inside. the K&H exterior warmed feline residence keeps your felines cozy– also an ice-cold temperature levels!

The 2 leaves: consist of removable clear door flaps to shield cats from the harsh aspects of wintertime, and also the heated pad cover is cleanable as well as conveniently detachable for regular usage.

Perfect for: pet cats that choose to sleep in garages, porches, barns, and even in colder parts of the home.

These warmed pet cat homes: have actually been evaluated & licensed by Met Labs to go beyond USA/CA electric safety standards, so they are risk-free for use inside too. 1 year limited.

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Sample buyer review… .” As most reviewers have mentioned, this house was easy to put together and we were impressed with the quality. We ordered the heated pad with the house. We’ve been feeding a feral female cat for two years, and have made some progress getting her to trust us (within 3 feet now without fleeing). We wondered how’d she take to this new feature. We placed the house on our sunny front porch, and at first, did not put the plastic flaps, which easily velcro on and off. We put some special treats inside and she’d go in and then go right out. We kept it up, adding treats every day. One morning, we saw her coming out of the house. She had obviously spent the night, and as it got a little colder, we’d peek out there and she wouldn’t scoot and run, but stay where it was warm and cozy…”

Complete Review – Heated and Unheated Outdoor Kitty 

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Heated/Unheated Kitty House earns the Insane Pet Toys & Gadget’s top rating of 5 stars.


This heated outdoor kitty house is insulated, comfortable, and warm for your outdoor cats all winter long.

Your feline good friend will certainly like concealing out in the K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty House! This is made with 600 denier nylon with a vinyl backing that makes this waterproof. This home includes and also fits a Kitty Lectro-Soft. The roofing hangs over the 2 doors to maintain pet cats warm, safe, and also dry. It’s easy to assemble with fuzzy fastener-style wall surfaces and a zippered roof and also is warmed to maintain your feline good and also cozy!


Superb usage in barns, garages, decks, or anywhere an outside feline needs additional warmth and security. Can likewise be used inside your home!
Functions two leaves with detachable door flaps so your felines can not be trapped by predators.

Includes K&H Lectro-Soft warmed bed that is MET security detailed.
Vinyl support and 600 denier nylon construction develop a water-resistant sanctuary. Blurry fastener-style wall surfaces as well as a zippered roof covering for simple assembly (no devices needed!).
Great for outside pet cats. The huge, heated sanctuary that can be utilized by 2 pet cats at when and protects from snow, wind, and also rainfall.

K&H Outdoor Kitty House (Heated and Unheated)

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Consult your veterinarian before use with young puppies/kittens, recovering animals, during surgery/surgery healing, or any animal that can not voluntarily remove themselves from the heated pad. K&H advises making use of just the Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad for these pets as this pad has a flexible thermostat.

Do not position a pad in a constrained location where the family pet does not have the capacity to eliminate themselves from the pad. Always permit your family pet sufficient space to be able to pick if they wish to rest on the pad or off the pad.

Inner dimensions: 14 x 18 x 16 inches Outer dimensions: 18 x 22 x 17 inches


Our cozy heated cat residence is the perfect residence for outdoor felines and feral cats.
Keep all cats of any type of size and shape comfy and also warm in this easy-to-assemble, winter-proof, huffy cat shelter. Cable Length – 5.5 feet

The featured 20 Watt fulfilled security provided deluxe heated pet bed inside the K&H outdoor warmed feline home maintains your kitties warm– also in sub-zero temperature levels!

The 2 exits consist of detachable clear door flaps to safeguard feline from the rough components of wintertime, and the heated pad cover is cleanable and also comfortably removable for continuous usage.

Perfect for felines that favor resting in garages, decks, barns, or perhaps in colder parts of your house.

These heated cat residences have been examined & certified by Met Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety and security requirements, so they are safe for usage indoors as well. One-year minimal.

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