CBD does not get you high.

it’s the THC that does get you.

CBD is meant for people who have pain, physical pain, anxiety, depression, certain things that they have and this is kind of a natural remedy for that, because a lot of people don’t want to take pain pills and as we know, pills are a huge problem.
And it’s an epidemic, people are getting hooked on Oxycontin and that’s really bad for you and unfortunately people get hooked so quickly.

CBD gummies strawberry banana 250mg


They taste pretty good. And like I said, there is no THC they’re made in the USA.

This whole entire container is 500 milligrams.

I have trouble sometimes with insomnia. So these are really great for this. I’ve noticed that after I took these, I was really sleepy. And I just felt really relaxed but I kind of wanted to go to sleep.

So, I recommend taking these at night.
If you are a person who kind of has trouble falling asleep.

These are really awesome for you if you have any aches and pains or back problems or anything like that. These are helpful too, if you have anxiety.

These kind of helps you calm down and make you feel kind of more relaxed.


CBD Gummies 750mg Apple Rings



So this one the apple rates are 250 milligrams and they’re made in USA which is nice.

I just bought these on They have a whole variety of different products you can choose from. They have oils, they have other kind of food, snacks, dried fruit, and gummies of course, I just picked these because they kind of caught my eye.

So these two together were $50, free shipping, which is always kind of a nice little perk.

And like I said, just to emphasize you do not get high.

When taking both it is a different sensation altogether.
If you are a stoner than you are educated on this and you know that these are not for you don’t get the high.

They’re just more for physical ailments.

Also mental ailments too if you have anxieties because it kind of really calms you down. Some people prefer the CBD oil. But I think these are a bit more fun, and I felt it right away.

I don’t know maybe it was a placebo but when I took one of the gummy hearts, I felt like really sleepy right away.

I didn’t feel high obviously. But I just felt really sleepy really relaxed, I basically just wanted to go to bed.

And so, for me personally I would not take these during the daytime because obviously a busy schedule I work with kids I go to school blah blah blah.

I have two jobs. So I can’t be taking these in the daytime because then I will fall asleep on the job.

There was one time….

This was a few years ago, I was working and I wasn’t feeling good. I took a Tylenol, which  I don’t really take Tylenol or aspirin or Advil much anymore just because I don’t know I don’t feel like it’s been in your body.

But anyway, so I took some Tylenol, and come to find out it was Tylenol pm. So I was like, I was about to fall asleep I was in a break room with my head on the table and I was like Oh my god, what have I done!

So anyway, yeah I recommend don’t take these during the day like unless you have a day off and you’re just like lounging around all day then like go for it you know do that. If I was, I would do that too, but just be careful.

But I just wanted to try these because they’re becoming a little bit more mainstream, you can like almost buy them anywhere.

I wanted to do some research online to find the most kind of credible product, and something that has pretty good ingredients obviously because these are gummies so they  contain things that I might not want to ingest like fake sugars or whatever but everything seems pretty straightforward once they have these sweetened sweetener from beets.

I do recommend these for a friend of mine has some back pain, and I think these would be helpful for him or if you get period cramps these are helpful too, or like whatever, you know, get a bad breakup, you know, your dogs being an asshole like whatever try these.

So it’s called just CBD, the link is here ==> GUMMIES  and have a great day guys.

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