Everything You Need To Know About Labradors


Have you always wished to adopt a Labrador? These loving canines are among the dearest family pets, winning the hearts of individuals with their intelligence, friendliness, warmth, vigor, and obedience.

Labs adore exercise as much as they adore delicious meals. Hence, keeping an eye on their weight is considered crucial for preventing obesity and other health issues. In order to get your lab on the right diet, make sure you ask for professional meal plan advice.

If planning to adopt a Labrador, this is everything you need to know about these creatures.


Labrador Retrievers are among the most likeable canine breeds due to their sweet nature and sociable character. Labs are often chosen to be valuable members of families, as these creatures get on well with kids, other canines, and even other animals. The intelligence and obedient personality of Labradors facilitate the training process, which is essential for them to channel their high levels of energy.

In order for a Lab to be vigorous, he/she is supposed to receive both physical and mental training. Unless these sweet-natured creatures get the necessary exercise, they turn to destructive behavior manifested with ceaseless barking, digging in the yard, and chewing. Nevertheless, not all Labs are fond of physical exercise. Some of them prefer being couch potatoes, thus ending up overweight.


As far as diet is concerned, Labrador Retrievers should be fed at least 2.5 to 3 cups of kibble on a daily basis, served in two meals. A multitude of factors has an effect on the amount of food a Lab should eat, such as its size, age, vigor, and metabolism. Consequently, a canine whose levels of energy are rather high would need more food in comparison with an inactive Lab.

Since Labradors are prone to becoming obese, pet owners aren’t supposed to leave food in their bowls at all

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Title: Everything You Need To Know About Labradors
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