DJ Cat Scratching Toy

DJ Scratching Cat Toy

Complete Review – Dj Cat Scratching Toy

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Your cat will be scratching some laid-back beats with this cardboard scratching pad shaped like a DJ turntable.

Cardboard: mixing deck scraping floor covering for your cozy cat good friends. Features a spinnable deck & posable arm for your feline to paw. Easy self-assembly with clear, illustrated guidelines consisted of.

Fold up: the resilient cardboard right into the playful framework and also watch as your pet cat begins to spin the decks with its claws. A terrific scraping option to your sofa & an amusing disturbance for your cat!! An awesome, as well as the special option to other kitty scrape playthings and animal accessories, the collapsible DJs blending deck, will turn your much-loved animals right into mixers/ scratchers of the greatest top quality.

The purrfect: present for the pet cat consumed at Christmas or birthday celebrations! Whether your feline’s an ambitious DJ or just delights in cardboard product, this design provides an excellent electrical outlet for pet cat scratchings.

Actions: 35cm(W) x 38.8 cm(H) x 14.4 cm(D) – an excellent dimension for kitty cats and also cats of any ages. Folds up together quickly and guaranteed more enjoyable that catnip!

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Sample buyer review… .” This would totally be a 5-star review if the cat actually did anything with this. I’ll break it down this way: generally, cats like square things, not round. While the visual of a cat spinning vinyl and channeling its inner DJ (“deadca7”?) is aesthetically energizing, my cat won’t even lay down on this thing, let alone spin the turntable. We sprinkled a little catnip on it, glued her favorite toy to it, even taped her front paw to it….no luck. Maybe the next product in line from SUCK UK would be a mixing board with busses made out of yarn or something a feline would actually engage. Good effort though. …”

Complete Review – DJ Scratching Toy

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Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dj Scratching toy earns the Insane Pet Toys & Gadget’s top rating of 4 stars.


Cats scratch furniture to exercise, note their area, and simply for sheer pleasure, so why not blend that instinct with a little bit of enjoyable?

It’s common knowledge that pet cats love a cardboard box to have fun with, and also the Cat Scratch mixer Turntable is no exception. Flat stuffed and easy to assemble, the turntable designed pet accessory will permit your cat or kitty cat to know their music capacity.

Fold with each other the board’s items and let your cat do the rest. With a poseable tone arm and also a top that rotates as your pet cat paws it, you can kick back as well as giggle in an ‘appearance, the feline is doing human points’ method, as opposed to enjoying in scary as they shred the arm of your brand-new couch.

It’s a valuable scratchy plaything that avoids them tearing up your luxurious home furnishings or ripping other cardboard boxes to shreds.

Comes full with detailed, very easy to adhere to directions, they are pet devices for you both to take pleasure in. A terrific addition to cat-loving houses. Sidetrack your pet as well as conserve the couch! A fully useful scratcher style by Suck UK, makers of the best gifts in the world!


Cat DJ Scratching Deck by Suck UK, maintains your pet cat from the ground up your furnishings as well as has them blend some hot tracks instead.

The turntable is made from resilient cardboard that your pet cat will love to spin as well as you will enjoy enjoying. It is very easy to construct as well as will certainly give lots of home entertainment while your feline satisfies its all-natural scraping instinct.

Around 15″ x 14″ x 5 1/2″ Satisfies all-natural scratching instinct Easy setting up No adhesive needed.

The story

You may think that cats scratch in order to stretch their muscles and sharpen their claws. Wrong. When you think about it, isn’t it obvious that within every feline lurks a wannabe DJ? Kitty is mad pumped to kick it behind the wheels of steel and throw down a dope set of old skool joints, yo!

Designed in London, the Cat Scratching Pad enables your furry homeslice to spin some phat, chillout beatz with hella catitude. Festooned with cat smiley faces, paw prints, photos of fish-shaped cat treats, and joke band stickers (“Run DOG”), it’s a flat-pack cardboard kit that you fold together according to the included instructions.

Complete Review – Dj Cat Scratching Toy

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