Coronavirus Guide to Working From Home with Pets

>As a long-time self-employed writer, I know a little something about working from home with my pets. I’ve had my fair share of pet-related distractions, including keyboard-sitting cats, hampering dogs, and barking in the middle of radio shows or TV appearances.

That said, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks if coronavirus quarantine has moved you from the office cubicle to your home office.

Tips for Sharing Workspace with Cats

The second you sit down to use your computer, you may find your cat magically materializes.

They might start out by touching your arm for pets, lying on the keyboard, or flat out standing in front of your monitor. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years to regain control of your computer:

Bait & Switch

If your cat prefers your lap or desk to their bed, a few options are available… First, make sure they can’t access your phone (I learned this the hard way). I use a cute little cat stretch phone stand to keep cats, drinks and phones separate.

Next, determine the real reason your cat wants to be on your desk:

Is it because the monitor is warm? A heating pad under a blanket will be plenty of lure to get them to sleep elsewhere. Do they prefer window access? If so, a window perch is plenty of reason for them to nap quietly out of the way.Do they just want to be next to you? A keyboard tray or desk extension may be in your future! If you aren’t already using a keyboard tray, keep in mind it will reduce injury and is much better for your posture than having the keyboard on your desk.

Cute Phone Saver for Desktops

K&H Kitty Sill Window Perch

There are a number of products that will give you control of your keyboard, but honestly you may not need much more than a comfy old Amazon delivery box.

While all cats are very different in personality, they share a single unifying characteristic: A love of boxes.
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