Coping with the 4 Problems of Dog Ownership

Dog ownership needs much effort and sacrifice. As owners, we need to prepare ourselves for a few expected struggles. Problems with health, communication and relationships are daily hassles we have to overcome. However, these issues are not paralyzing. With awareness about the common problems of dog ownership and a few suggestions on managing them, life with our furry friends is a delight.

1. Toilet Training/Dealing with Dog Poop

The first hassle that often sends owners into fits of frustration is toilet training their pets and managing dog poop. Sadly, many owners fail to toilet train their dogs well. They soon find their toilet habits difficult to deal with.

a) Toilet Training

b) Pay Attention

The first, and easiest way to toilet train puppy or even an adult dog not used to your home is to pay attention to its signals. Make sure that the dog is where you can always see him. For the period you are toilet training him, stop him from wandering around the house.

If you see him circling in a certain area or squatting, he needs to go to the toilet immediately.

Indoor Toilet Training

c) Restrict your dog to a certain area. 

The next suggestion is to restrict your dog to the area in your home or yard where you want it to relieve itself. Cover it with lots of newspaper.

As he becomes used to relieving himself in this area, slowly remove the paper until only a limited number of sheets are left.

d) Praise consistently. 

Next, remember to praise it consistently. Give your dog a treat when he relieves itself in the correct area.

Help your puppy associate relieving itself in the right area with something positive.

e) Use a crate. 

To add, if you cannot supervise your dog, crate train it. Use the crate only when you need to. Make sure the dog has enough room to stand in the crate and lie down.

Make the crate part of your furniture and develop positive associations. Feed it treats within the crate to make him feel safe and secure in it. Do this gradually, moving from the edge of the crate to leaving the treats totally within.

f) Take your dog out after meals. 

If you live in an apartment, you may want to take your dog out after meals so that it does not relieve itself within the home.

Outdoor Toilet Training

All owners have to deal with their dog’s poop when they

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