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Playtime is always fun for pets. And while you can’t always be around to have fun all day with your dog, you can get them a toy instead to keep them happy and cheerful. And as you expected, not all toys are ideal for pets to use. Some could do more harm than good. In this piece, I will be looking at the best toy options for dogs and how to ensure they stay safe when they play with them.

Choosing a Dog Toy

It has to be appealing to your pet. Like kids, you want to have an idea where their strength lies and get them something that will be of positive use. This could prove to be stressful if you go shopping at the pet store or online without first deciding in your mind what you want to buy.

And if you will spend even the smallest amount on it, you want something that will be of value. You also want to check that it is not hazardous to your dog. You can check this link for suggestions on picking the right one for your pet breed. Below are some of the things to note when searching for the best toys for your pet.

It has to be Indestructible

Canine teeth are some of the strongest and can quickly rip through soft cushions, so you want to avoid these kinds when in the market for canine play things. Lightweight options that can withstand your dog’s bite are the right ones to pick from. Hard rubber and nylon materials will be ideal if you want something that will be chewy and indestructible.

void Tiny Components

It is best to go for straight toys with no additional features like tiny bells or squeaky pads. Pets are quick to get attracted to them and could swallow them in the process. For your dog’s safety, it has to be as straight as a bone. Notwithstanding, you can consider other shapes that meet the above criteria.

Keep it Simple

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