The Cat Who Couldn’t Cat #MyUnspokenPet

>It was 118 degrees in Phoenix on the late August day I met Crazy. I was watering the dusty remains of my vegetable garden when UPS drove by and yelled…

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The Benefits of CBD for Pets

>The benefits of CBD for pets is becoming common knowledge in the world of healthcare. Research has already demonstrated the ability of CBD to help with many human ailments, like…

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Coronavirus Guide to Working From Home with Pets

>As a long-time self-employed writer, I know a little something about working from home with my pets. I’ve had my fair share of pet-related distractions, including keyboard-sitting cats, hampering dogs,…

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Photoshop Elements 2020 Review

>We take a lot of photos of our pets. I mean, a LOT of photos. But all too often, the background isn’t right or the dog blinked or the cat…

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